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Dosage Instructions - Liquid:
• If under 25 pounds or two years of age...
  consult your physician
• 25 to 37 pounds = 1/2 teaspoon
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• 63 to 87 pounds = 1-1/2 teaspoons
• 88 to 112 pounds = 2 teaspoons
• 113 to 137 pounds = 2-1/2 teaspoons
• 138 to 162 pounds = 3 teaspoons
• 163 to 187 pounds = 3-1/2 teaspoons
• 188 pounds and over = 4 teaspoons
Active Ingredient: Pyrantel Pamoate 
Inactive Ingredients:  Banana Flavor,
Citric Acid, Glycerin, Lecithin, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Methylcellulose, Povidone, Simethicone, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Saccharin, Sorbitol, Water

Safe & effective for the entire family!

To ensure that pinworms are eliminated all members of the household must be treated
at the same time, even if the other family members are not infected... so be sure to calculate and order enough for everyone.

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What are pinworms? What do pinworms look like? Are pinworms contagious?
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What are the symptoms of pinworm infection in humans?

Anal itching is usually the most common symptom and is usually most noticeable during the night. This is when the female pinworms crawl down to the anal area to lay their eggs. The itching may cause some individuals to awaken several times during the night, while heavy sleepers may not. Some might also experience itching during the first couple of hours after rising in the morning.

Sometimes pinworms can be seen in the stool upon close examination, though not always. Female pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis) are small threadlike critters, white to ivory in color and about one-half inch long. Male pinworms and young pinworms are much shorter.

The anal itching can be intense. Some researchers believe this is due to an inflammatory response in the perianal tissue resulting from contact with the worms and eggs. Some individuals may scratch so hard that they break the skin and allow a secondary bacterial infection to develop, though this is not common.

While pinworms can migrate into the vagina or internal female organs, this is a rare occurrence. It is also possible that pinworms can enter the urinary tract, but again this is very unlikely. It is interesting to note that there are cases where pinworms are found inside of an appendix after surgery for appendicitis. To date there have been no conclusive studies that indicate whether pinworms may have caused appendicitis, though that is certainly a possibility.

Many times parents get concerned because their child continually seems tired and/or irritable. Sometimes a teacher may inform the parents that little Johnny just hasn't seemed like himself lately, and thus begins an investigation of what might be causing the problem. Unfortunately most pediatricians just don't think of pinworms, even though the U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC) states that pinworms are the most common parasitic infection in the United States.

We've heard horror stories where children were subjected to numerous expensive and invasive tests such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI's, allergy tests, and bloodwork only to have all the tests come back negative, leaving the doctor scratching his or her head as they search for an answer.

While occasionally a doctor will suspect pinworms and make the right diagnosis, many parents stumble upon pinworms by accident. Often an older friend or family member will mention pinworms as a possibility. It's a shame, because pinworms can be treated easily.

Female pinworms live up to three months and can lay up to 10,000 eggs each during their lifetimes, so it's easy to see how the infection is easily spread among family members and close friends. The eggs are almost microscopic and easily get spread around the house. Pinworms eggs can remain viable and ready to infect for up to two weeks. Standard protocol indicates that all family members should be treated simultaneously, whether or not they are exhibiting symptoms or not.

Not that long ago a prescription was required to purchase pinworm medication, meaning an embarrassing trip to the doctor and then the pharmacy, plus the cost of a doctor's visit. The FDA has since reclassified Pyrantel Pamoate, the standard pinworm medication, as an over the counter medication... though it can be hard to find.

This website was launched for that very reason. Several years ago our youngest son began to be irritable most of the time, and we noticed him tossing and turning at night. I had pinworms myself as a child, and thankfully before taking him to the doctor I decided to treat him for pinworms.

I checked with a couple of local pharmacies and neither stocked the medicine. Returning home, I searched online for more information on pinworms and to find a source for the medicine with no luck. I contacted the manufacturer of Reese's and over the next few weeks I put together this website as an online resource and as a source of the medication.

Customer Comments:

• "I had visited your website looking for more info about pinworms after noticing my daughter scratching her rear a lot. I was skeptical, so I put some of my child's stool in a baggie and took her to her pediatrician. When I told the doc I thought she had worms, he laughed. He really thought I was a nut when I pulled the bag of fresh poo out of my purse! After we talked for a few minutes he admitted that pinworms are a problem, especially among kids under 10. We live in a small town and there was no way I was going to go from pharmacy to pharmacy asking people I know if they carried pinworm medicine, so I ordered the Reese's thru the link on your site. Thankfully we knocked the worms out on first try and I hope we never have to deal with this again. Now there is a big lice problem at my daughter's school. I'm praying we avoid that one. Deanne S."

• "I actually had pinworms back in the 1960's when I was in elementary school. Back then the only treatment was an awful tasting liquid prescription named Povan. It would literally make you gag and was hard to keep down. You had to take a tablespoon of it every single day for two weeks. Thankfully the new medicines only require a single dose follow by a retreatment two weeks later, and they don't taste bad like the old stuff.

When my 3rd grader started complaining about his butt itching all the time, pinworms was the first thing that came to mind. We treated him and the whole family with Reese's, and went thru all of the cleaning steps. That wasn't fun, but it worked. It's been several months and we haven't noticed him scratching anymore. Sarah C."
• "Don't take shortcuts!!! I have five rug rats and the oldest got pinworms. What a nightmare having to keep everything spotless and all five kids (ages 1 to 8) clean. I didn't stay on top of it and sure enough, about 4 months later we had to do it all over again. Follow the prevention steps and don't skip anything. I hope I never have to do this again, but at least with the medicine being available without going to a doctor, it didn't cost much. Becky F."

• "My wife and I noticed that our 6-year-old son had become irritable most of the time. After observing him for a few days, it became apparent that he wasn't sleeping well and the irritability was due to him being tired. We kept an eye on what he was eating, making sure he didn't get any chocolate, soda, or anything else with caffeine close to bedtime... but it didn't help.

We then took him to his pediatrician who didn't have a clue and said it was probably just a stage he was going through. A couple of weeks later I was talking with my aunt and mentioned our son's problem. The first thing out of her mouth was pinworms. I had never even heard of pinworms.

I quickly did a little research, found your site and ordered some Reese's. Literally within 3 or 4 days Luke was back to normal. My wife and I also took a dose and we cleaned the house from top to bottom. I'm sure there are many other parents out there whose children would benefit from having knowledge about pinworms. Sincerely, Keith H."

• "The Reese's worked fine, but I didn't calculate how much we would need correctly and had to order more. If you're treating the whole family and you're doing it again two weeks later it may take 2 or 3 bottles depending on family size. They have a chart, but math wasn't my strongest subject. Megyn L"

Picture on left is of a male pinworm and picture of pinworm eggs is on right

• Picture on left is an adult male pinworm measuring 1.4 mm in total length.

• On the right is a picture of pinworms eggs. Both images viewed thru a microscope.